Responsible Research & Innovation

Projects at IFZ that follow the approach of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) are based on societal needs, expectations and concerns. RRI wants to bring research and innovation processes more in line with the values and concerns of societal actors, thereby underlining the shared responsibility of science and society for the co-production of future-oriented and action-relevant knowledge in order to tackle the great societal challenges. In our projects we particularly dedicated to the practical implementation of this research policy concept in concrete activities.
IFZ is member of the Austrian Platform for Responsible Research and Innovation.

For more information, please contact Sandra Karner.

Our projects on this research approach

The project VEKIAA investigates how the workplace integration of digital assistants based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be done in the most responsible way possible.

The main aim of CHANGE – which is coordinated by IFZ – is to support research performing organisations (RPOs) to design and implement gender equality plans.

In the FEMtech project "Multifunctional Data Patch for Vital and Movement Monitoring in Everyday Environments" (VITAPATCH), a new technology is developed which makes it possible to realize cost-efficient assessments on a medical quality level in a close to everyday life setting, as well as fitness and movement monitoring. ECG electrodes and piezoelectric sensors on ultra-thin stretchable adhesive foils will send signals to a smartphone app.

The main objective of FoTRRIS is to develop and introduce new governance practices to foster Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in research and innovation systems. FoTRRIS will, more specifically, focus on new governance practices to co‐design transdiciplinary RRI‐projects that are attuned to societal needs, values and opportunities and that connect and mobilise relevant stakeholders.